Belen Rivera
Wellness Expert & Pro-Esthetician

With over 25 years dedicated to the art of aesthetics and wellness, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Immersed in the field, I've honed my craft under the meticulous guidance of internationally acclaimed pioneers, a journey that refined my skills and shaped my expertise.
My passion for helping individuals achieve their aesthetic goals led me to establish an international wellness retreat, where I've had the privilege of assisting thousands in realizing their distinctive aspirations.
Transitioning to Bee Ageless Spa, I recognized a growing need for holistic wellness solutions beyond conventional interventions. Drawing on my extensive experience, I've curated a comprehensive range of services aimed at enhancing well-being and youthfulness from the inside out. As a firm believer in harnessing the body's natural resources, I've dedicated myself to non-surgical enhancements rooted in cutting-edge medical aesthetics. My approach emphasizes the vital role of nutrition in achieving overall wellness. With years of experience collaborating with renowned experts, I've developed a deep understanding of the transformative power of treating the body as a whole. It's not just about what we eat but how it nourishes our bodies, transforming the journey from restriction to empowerment. My mission is to make aesthetics and wellness accessible and understandable, guiding clients on a personal journey to self-improvement.