55 yrs of age (Body Builder) Treatments: Hydrafacials Chemical Peel Microneedling with PRF and Skin tightening RF. ( 6 months series) "I have been going to see Ms. Bee for Therapeutic Massage & advice on my Nutrition for many years. Ms. Bee talked me into giving her a chance to help rejuvenate my tiered skin with non-surgical esthetic options, i admit i was a little scared and skeptical at first but man, oh man, I cant believe how healthier and younger my face looks! Ms. Bee you are the best hands down! Thank You for everything!" 


 41 years of age ( Business Owner) Treatment: Weight Loss 55 pounds loss / no more diabetes / no more high blood pressure. ( 8 months process) "Thanks to Ms. Bee's incredible guidance, I've not only shed weight I hadn't seen since high school but kept it off for over a year! Initially, I doubted overcoming diabetes, but Bee helped me understand how my body responds to food without deprivation and /or starvation! – and the result? I'm a believer! No longer diabetic, and my blood pressure is back to normal. Thank you for this life-changing journey Ms. Bee!" 


 12 years old/ plays football/basketball/ boxing Treatment: Teen Skin - Hydrafacial Microbladding hydrating/acne skin care face mask w/Blue LED Therapy (1 session by wkly) "I paly a lot sports and my skin always had lots of breakouts from sweating, i washed my face 2x a day and my parents doesn't let me eat junk food but my skin always had breakouts. Ms. Bee made a game plan for my skin, she showed me what to do at home and i come in to see her every3-4 wks and together my skin hardly every breakout and it looks better. Thank you Ms. Bee" 


 26 Years old Acne Scars, uneven skin tone ( 3 month series ) Treatment: Microneedling w/PRP and Red LED Therapy "In my younger years, I grappled with frequent breakouts that resulted in visible skin indentations and deep-pick spots. Seeking a solution, I turned to Bee, and with just three treatments, she worked wonders, nearly erasing all traces of my old acne scars. The transformation has been incredible—my skin feels renewed, and I've developed a newfound confidence. Nowadays, I seldom feel the need to reach for makeup; I genuinely adore my skin. A heartfelt thank you to Bee for her expertise and transformative treatments!" 


 40 years old - Service Industry ( 3 months 6 sessions) Treatment: Laser Lipo / Colombian Wood Therapy /RF Skin tightening /Nutritional coaching - one on one "My brother's beach wedding was merely 3 months away, and having given birth just 14 months prior, the thought of being in a swimsuit was daunting. Ms. Bee crafted a realistic plan that not only suited my post-baby lifestyle but was also budget-friendly, a huge relief for my tight finances. Regardless of where you are in your journey to becoming your best self, I urge you to let Ms. Bee guide you toward your goals. You won't regret it!" 


 34 Years old Stay at home Mother of 4 (tiered dehydrated/ flaky and rough skin) Treatment: Hydrafacials / Skin care plan and products / LED therapy (1x wkly for 6 wks) "Discovering Ms. Bee's hydrafacials has been a total game-changer! They come with the added benefits of LED therapy, complimentary skincare, and, best of all, no extra charges—it's a fantastic deal. Ms. Bee's expertise in skincare ensures that each session is tailored for every skin type. Both my mom, who has more mature skin, and my daughter, dealing with acne, absolutely loved the results. It's not just a facial; it's like embarking on a special skincare journey with Ms. Bee!"